MedLinks Transcription Inc.

MedLinks Transcription is an industry leader dedicated to providing superior service to hospitals and specialty clinics nationwide, with special emphasis on the ambulatory surgical center arena. We know transcription; it’s all we do. Most importantly, we only employ 100% U.S.-based transcriptionists, and we promise to never send your dictation overseas. No matter what your system, from advanced EMR software to paper charts, we will provide your facility with a complete document management solution!

We let your providers focus their time on what they do best – caring for patients.

MedLinks makes clinical documentation as easy as 1-2-3. We offer your providers a full range of dictation options, including mobile dictation for the iPhone/iPad. Notes are transcribed by our team and interfaced directly into your EMR.

Ehr with point and click options?

Almost all EMRs have the ability to automatically upload dictated and transcribed patient notes directly into the patient’s chart within the EMR.  While some clinical documentation can be more easily done via templates or drop-down choices, other information – often rich in patient content that is vital to provide a correct diagnosis – is completely lost or unaccounted for by the EMR templating options. Let your physicians utilize your EMR to “point-and-click” what they can. Then let them dictate the qualitative information for their patient visits – like the History, Assessment, and Plan.

MedLinks partners with your EMR vendor to seamlessly insert your dictation directly into your patient’s record within your EMR. This technique, called ‘interfacing,’ combines the power of your EMR with the speed and efficiency of traditional dictation.

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