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Traci White

Traci White President/CEO

As President and CEO, I appreciate the opportunity to share some of my personal and professional highlights as well as my post-college education and the evolution of MedLinks Transcription, Inc. My primary and secondary education was completed in Knoxville, Tennessee, with an honors Bachelor degree in English and a minor in Business Administration. I began my professional career in the legal field, finishing the last 2 years of my legal tenure in medical malpractice.

In 1999, I became a liaison for a large corporate entity that was transitioning into the health care field. I consulted with them and developed their proprietary internet-based platform, ensuring HIPAA compliance as well as cultivating their medical and QA support staff and implementing company policies and procedures. In the following years, I developed a medical transcription course/program based on the AAMT Book of Style and found it rewarding to educate and share my extensive knowledge of the industry with others.

MedLinks began operations in October 1999 as a sole proprietorship, providing transcription services to medical practitioners in all disciplines of the medical profession. In 2004, the company added 2 partners, whose expertise and insight into the transcription field has broadened MedLinks’ scope of business and helped to identify current technological platforms to effectively translate established operational standards into user-friendly, no-nonsense medical transcription support services nationwide. In conclusion, I am very happy to be the President/CEO of MedLinks and I am extremely proud of our management team. We attained corporate status in January 2010.

I am a foster parent to 3 beautiful children. In my free time I like to travel, garden, read, and am active within my community. Also, I am the church Music Director and involved in various other activities within my church including Vacation Bible School.

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