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Healthcare facilities outsource transcription to have accurate reports delivered conveniently and on-time. Delivery of printed paper reports or even simple Word documents doesn’t cut it anymore. Today, facilities need convenience, data integrity, and efficiency in addition to accuracy. MedLinks provides this valuable service to health care entities every day and represents the front line for risk management in health information and the foundation of the revenue cycle for patient billing.

UNLEASH THE POTENTIAL - Focus on what you do best and let us focus on transcription. MedLinks’ strong team of transcriptionists/editors ensure accuracy of clinical information and SUPPORT physicians in risk management.

CONVENIENCE - Physicians can keep telephone login IDs. Collect finished reports through a secure web portal, or via automatic delivery using software that is powerful, attractive, and easy to use with little or no retraining.

ACCURACY & EXPERTISE - We are seasoned transcription pros with a progressive investment in leading technology. We guarantee support. We will stand behind you. Promote accuracy by supplying patient demographics via an ADT feed or upload appointment/encounter lists. Interface to nearly anything for ADT and transcribed documents (EMR, XML, HL7, custom formats).

DATA INTEGRITY - Hosted in top-tier datacenters with redundant power, Internet and equipment. HIPAA compliance and comprehensive audit trail shows every action on every job. Connect securely with confidence via VPN, SSL or other encryption

EFFICIENCY - Tap the production efficiency of an MTSO to yield savings. Efficient platform workflow management yields more on-time reports. Turn-around time (TAT) reports provide insight and accountability. Implement interfaces to automate delivery into EMR and eliminate human steps.

SPEECH RECOGNITION TECHNOLOGY - Our software platform supports optional back-end speech recognition technology (SRT). The SRT prepares a first draft text version of the dictation and queues it, along with the audio file, for a medical transcriptionist to download, review, and edit.

INTERFACING TRANSCRIPTION & EMR - We are experts at interfacing. Our team works with your EMR vendor to automatically send your transcribed patient notes into your EMR – saving you time, money, and hassle. No EMR yet? No problem. Rest assured we are prepared to assist with any new or evolving EMR strategies you develop. In fact, we welcome the opportunity to work closely with you as you develop your plans.

TAKE A CLOSER LOOK - Call us today and request a free trial (certain restrictions apply). Free cost analysis with online demo!

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