Solutions that meet your needs


Solutions that meet your needs

MedLinks Transcription Inc. has a medical transcription speech recognition software platform that supports both front-end & back-end speech recognition technology (SRT). On the front-end, the SRT such as Dragon or Medscape, prepares a first draft text version of the dictation and cues it, along with the audio file, for a medical transcriptionist to download, review, and edit. The front-end text is then processed by our formatting algorithms to distribute across the work type template, detect headings, format numbered lists, etc., to save significant time in the editing process.

Back-end medical transcription speech recognition operates similarly to the front-end process, but the back-end speech recognition eliminates the need for a change in the clinician dictation behavior. The clinician dictates exactly as he has been. Once the dictation lands on MedLinks’ system, it goes through the formatting algorithms and is then distributed across the work type template, where it detects headings, formats numbered lists, etc., to save significant time in the editing process and insert productivity gains into the existing workflow. Either front-end or back-end speech recognition options can be activated at any time.

Even with advancements in medical transcription speech recognition technology, the software is nowhere near perfect and the need for a human set of eyes is crucial. That’s where MedLinks fits and where we provide that critical insurance that what has been dictated is accurately transcribed. The software can misinterpret dictated dates, names, medical words, and procedures – all of which are crucial.

Whether mistakes occur because of flaws in the software, user error on the part of the physician, background noise, or because the physician didn’t speak clearly enough or has an accent that makes it difficult for the software to interpret something correctly, errors still need to be corrected. MedLinks Transcription Inc.’s well-trained and experienced transcriptionists are that final check-point to bring you peace-of-mind and ensure accuracy.

MedLinks Transcription Inc. wants you to have as many options as you need to make the entire dictation process easy. We offer dictation and voice capture for phone, PC, digital voice recorder, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Our mobile solution allows clinicians to generate documentation from anywhere using WiFi or cellular data. Doctors can access schedules, document templates, and much more – on demand! Documentation that is generated on the mobile device can be reviewed, edited, and even electronically signed. From there, a legitimate, quality document is faxed, printed, or integrated into an EHR system, both as narrative and a formal document.